Calidad Gourmet brand new image

We have renewed Calidad Gourmet to offer you new functionalities!


You have not confused and your browser is not crazy. New Year, new image. This was one of our purposes for 2015, and here it is.

We have renewed Calidad Gourmet image to offer you the best artisan and gourmet products, the same products but with new functionalities and design.

Gourmet online shop with a new image and updated to use on mobile devices as ipad, smartphone, tablet or laptop. We know that you use these devices more every day, so we want you to make your online order from where you are.

This upgrade of the website is not the only purpose for this 2015. We want to be your reference website to inform you about food world. For that reason we are going to work really hard to offer you information about gastronomic markets, recipes and health advices.

And for a warm welcome to our new online shop, only this February with your purchase you will obtain Herencia Mediterránea 500 ml olive oil bottle for free.

Do you miss any product? Do you have any suggestions? We love to hear new feelings.

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How should be an Idiazabal cheese?

The Idiazabal cheese is elaborated with raw milk of Latxa or Carranzana sheep. Next, we will explain how an Idiazabal cheese should be and what its pairings are.

Shepherd’s Idiazabal cheese rinds are rounded. A good Idiazabal should not have irregular rinds, however we talk about a handmade cheese so it can have some tiny defects in the figure.

idiazabal cheese

Shepherd’s Idiazabal cheese

Idiazabal has a hard and smooth rind. Its colour varies depending on the elaboration method. The cheeses that have been strongly brushed with water have yellowish beige colour and those that have suffered a softer brushing are whitish grey coloured.

Idiazabal cheeses are produced with sheep milk, so the colour is not as white as other cheese like cow or goat. The colour of the Idiazabal cheese varies from ivory-white to yellow straw.

The odour of the Idiazabal cheese is quite intense. The smell is clean and balanced with a markedly reminiscent of sheep raw milk. The taste is wide and intense with recalls of natural matured curd.

Sheperd’s Idiazabal cheese pairs with Rioja red wines or Ribera Del Duero wines. We can also accompany it with white wines like Txakoli. The best way to eat Idiazabal cheese is with a quince jelly.

We reccomend to taste the following Idiazabal cheeses at Calidad Gourmet:


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Tudela artichoke doubles its production this year

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Tudela Artichoke foresees to double its production in relation to last year’s. This year’s campaign is expecting to register 850,000 kilograms of artichoke. 


This season’s artichoke is of high quality. The PGI Tudela Artichoke hopes to increase its production by 70% compared to last year. Last season was closed with a total of 490,000 kilograms of artichoke, but this year the harvested product amounts considerably. This year’s season wants to get to 850,000 kilograms of Tudela Artichoke. The largest part of the artichokes, about 500,000 kilos are intended to elaborate artichoke preserves, whereas the rest of the production will be assigned to the consumption of fresh vegetables. This year we will see an exceptional artichoke as we had not seen for years. The atypical winter we have had is one of the chief reasons of the growth. Last winter is been rainy, but barely have been frosts. Another important factor for the rise of the artichoke has been the unification of the vegetable harvests. Thanks to the weather conditions of this year, the autumn season of the Artichoke has joined to the spring harvest of the vegetable that will last until June.


As for nutrition, we must include artichokes in our diet for several reasons. It is characterized by its content of magnesium and fibre, which promotes the functioning of the intestine and intestinal transit. By other side, the artichoke is a source of vitamin B1 that will help us to take carbohydrates and to balance the nervous system as well. It is a vegetable with high level of potassium, mineral necessary for a proper muscle activity. We do not have to forget that the 85% of the artichoke is water; this is what makes the artichoke to be a very popular food in slimming diets.

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The best way to preserve food

When you collect your purchase sometimes doubts assault us: Where to store this, refrigerator or larder? Food like anchovy preserves, cheese or eggs can make us have doubts concerning where to put them in the kitchen. Today, we will explain you the most suitable storage place for each food, thus helping to extend its life, its taste and freshness.


Generally it is easy to distinguish what food goes to fridge and what food we can store in room temperature. Fresh goods such as meat, fruit, vegetables, seafood or fish must be kept in the refrigerator in a temperature below to 10 ºC. In the same way, the storage of food like pasta or rice is quite easy to guess.

However there are products that make us doubt. For example, what is the best place to put a jam jar? Where do we have to keep the cheese? What to make with the canned anchovies in oil? What about the eggs? What about the cold meat? Should we keep them in the larder or at a room temperature or keep them in the fridge? Next, we give you the solution.


Whenever the jam jar is hermetically closed it can be stored in the pantry or in any cupboard. However, once the jar is opened we must keep it in the fridge.

Cheese should be kept in the fridge. There are a lot of chese types, but the freshest ones are which have a sorter sell-by date. The matured cheeses have longer life, but the best place to preserve them is the fridge.

The canned anchovies must be stored refrigerated. The same happens with the smoked food and with the foie and pate. Although these products are vacuum-packed they have to be stored in the fridge.


The eggs can be at ambient temperature or in the refrigerator. In summer or in days of high temperatures it is recommendable to put them into the fridge to avoid salmollenosis. In addition, the eggs that are conserved inside the fridge have longer life.

Regarding to cold meat, the sliced products have to be kept closed in the package inside the fridge. However, the products like Iberian ham or Iberian saucisson can be stored at room temperature.

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The Spanish cuisine expands with the World Tour Culinary Connection

Basque Culinary Center prepares a World Tour to connect the Spanish Gastronomy with the rest gastronomies of the world.

Basque Culinary Center will start a World Tour Culinary Center next Saturday with the aim of bring closer the Spanish cuisine to the rest of the world. Colombia, Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore and Chile will be the destinations of the gastronomic tour.

1025144_bcc_foto610x342Twelve Spanish chefs will take part in the tour alongside other chefs. All the gastronomy ambassadors have one Michelin Star at least: Quique Dacosta, Elena Arzak, Ángel León, Rodrigo de la Calle, Paco Pérez, David Muñoz, Diego Guerrero, Nacho Manzano, Dani García, Paco Roncero, Paco Morales, Marcos Morán and Álvaro Garrido.

Joxe Mari Aiziega, director of the BasqueCulinaryCenter will supervise each visit. The goal of the initiative is the cooperation between Spanish chefs and prestigious chefs from all over the world to develop together avant-garde and modern cuisine. To do this, the chefs will teach seminars and make gastronomic workshops in the different cities they will visit with the tour.

From the stoves to the big screen
The tour will also be brought to the big screen. It is going to film a documentary based on the culinary experience that afterwards will be shown in important gastronomic festivals like the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam.

The World Tour Culinary Connection is an initiative where have been invested over 120.000 euros. The results are expected to affect positively in the Spanish gastronomic tourism.


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Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil, a healthy food

Benefits of the Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil.

The taste of the Cantabrian anchovies is unique, but did you know that the anchovies in olive oil are a healthy food? The preserved anchovies have the proper nutrients of the anchovy as well as the benefits that provide the olive oil.

The anchovy fillets in olive oil are noted by:

anchoas en aceite

-The high content of proteins makes it a favourable food for muscle development. It is highly recommended for infancy, adolescence and for pregnant women.

-The Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil help to strengthen the bones and skin because they are rich in calcium and Vitamin D.

-The zinc level of the nourishment is high and that makes easier the assimilation and the storage capacity of insulin that our organism has.

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The best anchovies of the Bay of Biscay

Cantabrian anchovy fillets Gold Series Arlequín 

One of the delicacies of the Bay of Biscay is the Cantabrian anchovies. The high quality of the anchovy in this area is immensely better than other anchovies from the Iberian Peninsula. The Cantabrian anchovies are firm and of lightly bitter taste, qualities that give an extra value to the queen of the sea.

anchoasThe anchovies in salt Gold Series Arlequin are the proof of the majestic of the Cantabrian anchovy. They are caught sustainably; the fishing is done in coastal fishing boats using traditional arts.

The anchovy fillets Arlequin are perfectly cleaned and boneless; seasoned with a little olive oil to not camouflage its true sea flavour.

The nutritionists recommend ingesting blue fish a minimum of three times a week due to its high level of omega 3 acid fatties. The fish preserves are an easy and convenient way to fulfil this recommendation as they are exquisite as well as nutritious.

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Popping candy, winner of the Flavour of the Year 2013 award

The popping candy is the innovative ingredient of the year

The sweet that revolutionized youth snacks from the seventies, innovates today the world of gastronomy. The popping candy is been prized with the taste quality seal Flavour of the Year 2013 in the category of ingredient.

One of the gastronomy keys is the innovation, mix new textures and tastes and thus create revolutionary dishes. The popping candy is the new star ingredient of the gourmet cuisine. It is used as stuffing in different dishes like desserts, chocolates, yogurts and ice creams and gives unique sensations to food.

peta zeta

Proof of that, is the white chocolate with popping candy Alma de Cacao, sweet that will surprise due to the harmony between the real taste of the white chocolate and the explosion of tastes and the sound of the popping candy

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Olive oil, the best for health

The extra virgin olive oil prevents cardiovascular diseases and health disorders

Olive oil is a good natural medicine and helps to be healthy. The latest research like Prevention with Mediterranean Diet published in the famous magazine New England Journal of Medicine, show that the daily consumption of olive oil combined with dry fruits reduces the probability of suffer heart diseases such as heart attack or ictus.


The Royal Academy of Medicine together with the President of the Province of Jaen, Francisco Reyes, have tried to promote the importance of a healthy and balance diet.

Reyes has reminded what important is to eat extra virgin olive oil everyday. “The day is not far when the experts prescribe a spoonful of olive oil like they do nowadays with pills”, has mentioned the President of the Province of Jaen (Spain) in his intervention.

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How to cook the octopus?

How to cook the octopus? ¿Do you know how to do it?

How, when, where to cook octopus? A lot of questions appear in the kitchen after buying an octopus and there is no idea how to prepare this delicious recipe.


With the tricks and counsels proper of a mother that we will share from Calidadgourmet, you will look like a real chef. So, grip the octopus and the computer and let’s go to the kitchen!

The purpose is to make it smooth, but tender at the same time, so we will give you some recommendations.

First of all, we are going to freeze the octopod. Why? According to the experts, the transition from frozen to thawed is what produces the break of fibres of the octopus’ meat. That is to say, when the octopus is at room temperature again, the meat becomes softer. Traditionally it was cook in copper pots, but you can use any wide base casserole where we can place the octopus and where it is possible to cover with water to the top.

This cooking takes a lot of water because even after the water evaporates, it must still be submerged. It is possible to add bay leaves, as well as chopped onion to give taste while the octopus is cooking. Once it is cooked and no before, we have to season with sea salt and smoked paprika to taste.


Never ever drown the octopus in boiling water because it is going to change of colour, proving that you have no idea about how to cook the octopus, as well as you can scald yourself. Because of this, we recommend that when water starts to boil to submerge and remove the octopus 4 or 5 times at intervals of 2 seconds.

It is now for the eye

The boiling time is not exact science, the professional chefs do not even know the exact time. Each octopus is different so it takes different time to cooking. Next, we are going to give you a tip to you to make the cooking time easier: 1 kg. octopus needs 20 minutes in pot and other 20 minutes of settle. Keep in mind that this data is indicative. Here’s a little trick for beginners, you can leave the octopus to stand in the same water in which you have cooked. Thus the octopus will remain cooked, although without any direct heat source. The delicacy will finish softening without overcook and keeping the temperature until be served.


As we have explained before, it is quite hard to estimate the cooking time of the octopus and even harder when we use a pressure cooker. The pressure cookers are different among them. That is why this method is not very popular though you can use it. Using the pressure cooker you could have the octopus ready in 6 or 7 minutes and you will not have to leave to stand.

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