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Calidad Gourmet is an online shop where you can buy Spanish and international gourmet products.

Calidad Gourmet
offers refined gourmet online catalogue sale where is possible to buy delicatessen goods like acorn fed Iberian ham, olive oil from Jaen, cheese and gourmet preserves among others. This offer is also complemented by other gourmet products recognised by its worldwide fame as the caviar, chatka (russian king crab), foie gras or European great wines. Our online shop of delicatessen products is distinguished by the quality commitment and the satisfaction of the guest that will enjoy the delicacy of these generous ingredients. All these gourmet foods have had to pass exhaustive quality standards, fixed by our department of quality, which confirms from different sensorial tasting that these products are suitable to be sold in our online gourmet shop.

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Service hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:30-20:00 and Friday from 09:30-19:30